Upcoming Events

  • April 2021

Εxhibition “The history and development of the Latin presence in Larnaca, through its people and their lives”

  • Spring 2021

Circulation of the book about the exhibition “The Latins of Cyprus” which was organised with the House of Representatives

  • Summer 2021

The association “Thriskeftiki Omada Latinon Kyprou”, will re-organise the postponed evening with music at the taverna «Τsipouraki Mezedaki» on Othello Street in Nicosia (next to “The Latin Centre»)

  • Summer / Autumn 2021

Launch of the creation of the Archive for the Latin Community

  • Summer / Autumn 2021

Public lecture ‘Children & electronic devices: Understanding and dealing with the new reality’ which was organised by myself in collaboration with the “KEPAKY” Foundation (Social Services Provision Centre Andreas Sofocleous). Planned for 2021 in Limassol.

  • Autumn 2021

Series of short videos of Questions & Answers about the Latin Community on YouTube

  • Autumn 2021

The Women’s Branch of the association “Thriskeftiki Omada Latinon Kyprou” was planning a presentation together with Europa Donna in early November 2020 but this had been postponed for a later date to the prevalent Covid-19 situation

Past Events