Programme of Latin Candidate Antonella Mantovani

My commitment remains clear and straightforward – it is to continue to work for the benefit of the entire Latin Community.
My vision is:

  • To continue my direct personal contact with members of the community for discussion on matters which may concern them individually or may concern the entire Latin Community.
  • To encourage the participation of Latin members (and youth) in the Community’s activities, events and initiatives.
  • To promote the distinct historical identity of the Latin Community.
  • To continue the Latin Community’s long tradition of contribution to society.

I present below my main aims for a second term as I intend to stand for re-election to the seat of Representative of the Latin Community in the parliamentary elections of 30 May 2021.

Strengthening ties within the community

  • Social events to help cultivate closer ties between members of the Latin Community. I will continue to arrange social activities to bring together members of the Community, such as events aimed at Latin children, the establishment of an annual gala dinner for members of the Latin Community, etc.
  • Encouragement of official registration of new members into the Latin Community so that its presence will continue to grow.
  • The venue «Σπίτι των Λατίνων» in Nicosia will continue to be available for use by associations, members and friends of the Latin Community.

Publicizing the cultural identity & influence of the Latin Community

  • Cultural and other events with the participation of Latin artists or inspired by the history of the Latins in Cyprus which will be open to the public.

Social Contribution

  •  Cooperation with other organisations for participation by the Latin Community in events about contemporary issues and concerns so that the Latin Community remains visible and continues to contribute on matters which affect society today. Participation in such events provides an added indirect benefit which is the opportunity for a wider public to get acquainted with the Latin Community.
  • Establishment of the annual volunteer activity “Latin Youth in Action Day” – this could either be through participation in events created by other organisations or by creating our own events.

Preservation & promotion of the history of the Latin Community

  • Digital archive of the Latin Community
    After several meetings with the Ministry of Education, it was agreed that the Cyprus Research Centre of the Ministry of Education will undertake our project for the creation of an archive of the Cyprus Latin Community. The Latin Representative will be the link between the researchers and the Community. The archive will be created from material (photographs, documents, anecdotes etc) from personal archives of members of the Community.
  • Teaching of the Latin historical presence in public education
    Contact with the Ministry of Education regarding a review of the educational material about the Latins of Cyprus which is currently included in the school curriculum of the Ministry.

Increasing the visibility of the Latin Community

  • Enhanced representation of the Latin Community on social media platforms through the creation of a series of YouTube videos on topics which relate to the Community.
  • Stronger digital profile of the Latin Community on Facebook and Instagram through participation by Latins/the public with posts which will refer to notable personalities and facts from the history of the Community – such as a “Did you Know” series.
  • More coverage in traditional media regarding the contribution of the Latin Community to society and its importance in the multicultural life of Cyprus.
  • Making the Latin Community more visible at the various events to which we are invited by having members (other than the Representative) attend on its behalf.

Support of Latin organisations and members

  • Support of members of the Community and close cooperation with the Latin Catholic Church, the Latin Catholic Schools and the various charity organisations in our parishes for the fulfilment of their particular needs.
  • Assist in the development of the association “Thriskeftiki Omada Latinon Kyprou” and the increase of its membership. Together with the other members of the Board, we will organise events for the Latin Community such as excursions, lectures etc. In addition, there will be activities organised for the first time by the association’s Women’s Section and Youth Section.


  • Continued cooperation with government entities, municipal authorities and other institutions in support of the Latin Community.
  • Launch of project with the Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics to identify the ancestry (ethnic background/s) of the Latin Community of Cyprus through mapping the genetic make-up of its members.
  • Attempt to cultivate links with other Latin communities abroad, as contact with organised groups from these communities may lead to new opportunities and connections.
  • Annual participation in the special programme of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education for the cultural events of our Community.

I will be continuing some of the actions/aims which I had set in 2016 and started implementing during my first term. In addition, I will work on new ideas/proposals based on my experiences and on suggestions I have received from members of the Community (including proposals from its younger members whom I thank) during my first term of office.

I remain at your disposal to discuss any other suggestions, proposals or matters of concern you may have.