Honouring Glafcos Clerides at The Latin Centre

20 Jun, 2019 | Events

Event dedicated to the late President of the Republic Glafcos Clerides for his contribution to the constitutional recognition of the Latin Religious Group

The event was hosted on 19 June 2019 by the Representative of the Latin Community in the House of Representatives Antonella Mantovani.

The event included photographs of the late President Clerides dating from the 1960s onwards which demonstrated the long-term relationship of Glafcos Clerides with the Latin Catholic Community. The speeches paid tribute to Glafcos Clerides as a politician and as a friend of the Latin Community.

Attendees also had the opportunity to view the personal collection of Murano and other European glassware that Mr & Mrs Glafcos Clerides started, following a visit to Murano, Venice. The collection, donated by the family, will be permanently displayed at The Latin Centre, a venue which is used for events to highlight the importance and presence of the Latin Catholic Religious Group in Cyprus through exhibitions, meetings and cultural events.