My Aim

My aim is to represent a more dynamic Latin Community, promoting its strong well-preserved historical identity and tradition of social contribution, through the active participation of its members and targeted activities of the Latin organisations, to the benefit of the Latin Community, its members and society as a whole.



Preservation of the rights of the Latin Community & support of various Catholic organisations    1.  Preservation of the Latin Community as a recognized and integral part of the Republic of Cyprus.


 2.  Continuous cooperation with the Cyprus Government and the Council of Europe. Continuous cooperation with national & other authorities.


 3.  Increase in the number of registered voters of the Latin Community so as to strengthen its voice.


 4.  Support of the Latin Catholic church, schools and various Latin societies.

Enhanced relations between members of the Latin Community


 1.  Development of a Latin Centre in Nicosia as a meeting point for various groups of the Latin Community. The Centre will also host small events by the Latin Community and will exhibit historical photographs and documents (permanent exhibition area).


 2.  Increase of the membership of the Youth of the Latin Community & creation of an information network for its members.


 3.  Creation and operation of the Women's Association of the Latin Community and its establishment as a legal entity so that it can apply for government funding of its various actions.

Social contribution

1.  Support and encourage development of the Youth Association of the Latin Community and the Women's Association of the Latin Community, for actions to contribute to society as a whole.


2.  Joint actions with various organizations participating in national and European programmes.

Continuance of the historical presence of the Latin Community & preservation of its cultural identity

 1.  Creation of a digital archive of the Latin Community in co-operation with the University of Cyprus: online collection and digitalisation of photographs, documents, personal interviews, official certificates and more.


 2.  Co-operation with the Digital Heritage Research Lab of the Cyprus University of Technology for participation of the Latin Community in the Europeana Collections, an online collection of millions of digitized items from European museums, libraries, archives etc.


 3.  Cultural events with Latin artists or inspired by the history of the Latins in Cyprus. Promotion of noteworthy historical members of the Latin Community such as artists, public figures, entrepreneurs, etc.


4.  Co-operation with non- Latin organisations or the promotion of the presence and history of the Latin Community.


5.  Media coverage of subject matter from the history of the Latin Community and its contribution to Cyprus society and its importance in the multicultural life of Cyprus.


6.  Special mention of “Historical Latin families of Cyprus” and their family trees such as on an enhanced Latin Community website or in the digital archives.

7  Publication of a picture book of “Latin Monuments through the Ages”.


8.  Cooperation with the appropriate authorities for the preservation of the monuments of the Latin Community.