Announcement of intention

Dear fellow Latins,

I am pleased to announce my intention to run as a candidate for the position of Representative of the Latin Community in the House of Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus during the elections of 22nd May 2016. I have grown up within the Latin Community and know many of you personally. For those I have not yet met, my name is Antonella Mantovani, I am the daughter of Benito and Sonia, married to Michael Hadjiconstantas and we have a two year old daughter named Cristina Allegra.

I am a graduate of the University of Cambridge and hold a postgraduate degree from the College of Europe in Belgium. I have been working at A.L. Mantovani & Sons Ltd since 1996 and I am in charge of its Travel & Tourism Department. I have also been active in assisting the current Representative of the Latin Community in his work for our Community. We know the Latin Community to be a constitutionally recognised and integral part of the Republic of Cyprus and its preservation is a historical imperative.

My aim is to deliver a vibrant Latin Community, clearly present in society, with an active membership, the continuation of its social contribution and the preservation of its unique cultural identity and history. I hope you spend some time on this website to see all details of my programme. I will continue to update you and also remain at your disposal

Yours sincerely Antonella Mantovani

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